Advent prayer - Saturday 17th December

The Advent Antiphons

As we move into the last week of Advent, we will be adding an extra element to our daily prayers.


Traditionally, seven antiphons or refrains, all beginning ‘O ...’, were sung before and after the

Magnificat at Vespers, on the seven days preceding Christmas Eve (17–23 December). They are addressed to God, calling for him to come as teacher and deliverer, with a tapestry of scriptural titles and pictures that describe his saving work in Christ. It is not known when and by whom the antiphons were composed but they were certainly in use by the eighth century.


From today until 23 December, we’ll be adding a modern version of the O Antiphon for the day into the mix with our prayer idea. If you’d like to read the full version of the Antiphon then the Church of England Advent document (link below) is a great place to start and includes Bible references if you want to read in more detail. The Antiphon section begins on page 58.  



Saturday 17th December


O Wisdom, come and bring order to a world full of chaos and confusion.


Prayer idea for today:

Find time and space to be still, and listen to God in the silence.


Prayer starter:

God, I thank you today for...