Baptisms are wonderful occasions. Those to be baptised begin a journey of faith in becoming members of the Church, and are empowered to live lifes to a different heartbeat through the gift of God's Holy Spirit. 

How to arrange a baptism in our parish is shown in the following graphic. The baptism form may be completed below the graphic.


























Baptism Application Form

Baptisms are undertaken on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.
Please enter surname of person to be baptised
Enter Christian names of person
Please enter date of birth of person to be baptised
Enter full name of father of person to be baptised
Please enter address of person to be baptised
Notes: For every child baptised, not fewer than three Godparents of whom at least two should be same sex as child. Though one of each sex may suffice. Parents may be Godparents of their own children provided there is at least one other Godparent. For adults, sponsors may be chosen, either 3 or at least two. Church law states “no person shall be a sponsor or Godparent who has not been baptised and confirmed”. The minister can dispense with the latter requirement if appropriate.
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