Community Questions

We are beginning a six week sermon series on  the first 13 chapters of 1 Corinthians, we hope you might be able to make as many of them as possible. One the reasons for the letters existence was to answer questions that the church community in Corinth posed to St. Paul.

With this in mind, we should like to give you the same opportunity. And invite you over the next 7 weeks or so to post any questions you might have on talk about God - theology in one of the boxes in our churches. You can also submit your question online via the website from the contact us page, just select the category questions.

We will then collect these questions, and seek to dialogue with them in the coming year in a variety of ways; sermons, courses, and alike. To scratch any itches you might have. The questions can be anything you like, no question is stupid,  e.g., why does God allow suffering?, was Jesus really God? - anything you like.

We hope this initiative will bear much fruit for this community, in the same way it did for the Church in Corinth all those years ago.