Jesse Tree - Day 13

Day 13 – Solomon Builds the Temple

Bible Ref: 1 Kings 6, Ornament: Temple

King David wanted to build a beautiful temple for God, but the Lord said, “No David, but your son Solomon will build it for me”.

David started getting everything ready for the temple, and all the people brought their precious things: gold, silver, bronze and precious stones. He also stored up iron, wood and marble, and gave Solomon all the plans that God had given him for the building of the temple.

King Solomon was a good king, very clever and very wealthy. He began to build the beautiful temple for the people to come and worship God.

God said to Solomon, “If you do what I tell you and follow all of my commandments and instructions, I will come and live among your people for ever, even as I promised your father, David”.

At last the temple was finished.  It was made of wood and stone and marble, but was completely covered with gold and silver and precious stones, inside and out – it shone so brightly, and everyone was amazed at how beautiful it was. It really did shine to represent the glory of God. It had been built exactly as God had designed it.

God was very pleased with Solomon and all the people.  God came and filled the temple with His presence in a cloud – the priests and all the people couldn’t stand there anymore because the glory of God filled the temple.

But the years passed, and when Solomon became old, he disobeyed God and didn’t follow Him like his father David.

Many years later God’s glory left the beautiful temple that King Solomon had built, and eventually it was completely ruined and burned, all because the people stopped loving and obeying God.