Jesse Tree - Day 15

Day 15 –Isaiah’s Letter from God

Bible Ref: Isaiah 11, Ornament: Scroll

There was once a man named Isaiah.  God had a special job for Isaiah.  It was his job to listen to God and tell people what he heard.  Now, God let Isaiah know a secret.  God was going to mend his broken world, and he showed Isaiah his Secret Rescue Plan:  “Operation: No More Tears!”  This is the message he gave to Isaiah for all his people:

Dear Little Flock

You’re all wandering away from me, like sheep in an open field.  You have always been running away from me.  And now you’re lost.  You can’t find your way back.

But I can’t stop loving you.  I will come to find you.  So I am sending you a Shepherd to look after you and love you.  To carry you home to me.

You’ve been stumbling around, like people in a dark room.  But into the darkness, a bright Light will shine!  It will chase away all the shadows, like sunshine.

A little baby will be born.  A Royal Son.  His Mummy will be a young girl who doesn’t have a husband.  His name will be Emmanuel, which means “God has come to live with us”.  He is one of King David’s children’s, children’s children. The Prince of Peace.

Yes, someone is going to come and rescue you!  But he won’t be who anyone expects.

He will be a King!  But he won’t live in a palace.  And he won’t have lots of money.  He will be poor.  And he will be a Servant.  But this King will heal the whole world.

He will be a Hero!  He will fight for his people, and rescue them from their enemies.  But he won’t have big armies, and he won’t fight with swords.  He will make the blind see; he will make the lame leap like deer!

He will make everything the way it was always meant to be.  But people will hate him, and they won’t listen to him.  He will be like a Lamb – he will suffer and die.

It’s the Secret Rescue Plan we made – from before the beginning of the world!

It’s the only way to get you back.

But he won’t stay dead – I will make him alive again!

And, one day, when he comes back to rule forever, the mountains and trees will dance and sing for joy!  The earth will shout out loud!  His fame will fill the whole earth!  Everything sad will come untrue.  Even death is going to die!  And he will wipe away every tear from every eye.

Yes, the Rescuer will come.  Look for him.  Watch for him.  Wait for him.  He will come!  I promise.

Love from God xx