Jesse Tree - Day 19

Day 19 – Speechless Zacharias

Bible Ref: Luke 1, Ornament: Slate Board

So there was this Priest called Zacharias and his wife was Elizabeth.  They loved God but they were very sad as they had no children and were getting quite old.

Zacharias worked in God’s special house, the temple. One day when he was at the temple the Angel Gabriel appeared before him and he was so afraid that he shook with fear. But Gabriel reassured him by saying,

“Don’t fear, Zacharias. Your prayers have been heard. Elizabeth, your wife, will have a son. You are to name him John. He will be very special as he will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit and he will prepare people for the special time when God’s Rescuer will come.”

But of course this news shocked Zacharias, how could this be?

He couldn’t believe it because they were both so old. 

And because he didn’t believe that God could do it, the angel said he would not be able to speak until the day the baby was born.

When Zacharias came out of the Temple, all his friends were wondering what took him so long! They soon realised that he must have seen a vision as he was making lots of hand gestures but was unable to speak.

And of course, because God said it would happen, Elizabeth became pregnant.  When at last Elizabeth gave birth to their little baby son, Zacharias and Elizabeth took him to the temple as was their custom.  But, instead of naming him after his Father, Elizabeth said “No, I want to call him John!”

All their relatives and friends thought this was very odd as there was no-one in their family by that name, and it was tradition to name a boy after a relative.  When they asked the baby’s father what he thought, Zacharias signed to be given a writing tablet.  Upon the slate he wrote - “His name is John”, just as the Angel Gabriel had told him.

Instantly, Zacharias could speak again.  Everyone marvelled at these events and was sure that God’s hand was indeed upon John.  Zacharias and Elizabeth rejoiced and gave thanks to God for blessing them with their baby John.