Jesse Tree - Day 20

Day 20 - John the Baptist

Bible Ref: Matthew 3, Ornament: Dove

On the day that John was born, his dad knew God’s promise to Abraham was coming true – God was sending the Rescuer.  And he was so happy he sang a song:

“Because God loves us with a Never Stopping,

Never Giving Up, Unbreaking,

Always and Forever Love –

Heaven is breaking through!

He is sending us a Light from Heaven,

To shine on us like the sun,

To shine on those who live in darkness,

And in the shadow of death,

To guide our feet into the way of peace.”

So John grew up and God had a special job for him.  He was going to get everyone ready for Jesus.

To tell you the truth, John was a bit unusual.  He lived in the desert.  He wore itchy scratchy outfits made of camel hair.  He had a big, big, bushy beard and long, long, scraggly hair.  And here is the oddest thing of all – he only ate locusts (short for big, creepy, crunchy grasshoppers), which he dipped in honey (to disguise the taste, probably!)

But God sent John to tell his people something important: “Stop running away from God and run to him instead,” John said.  “You need to be rescued.  I have good news – the Rescuer is coming!  Make your hearts ready for him.  Yes! Get ready, because your King is coming back for you.”

Great crowds listened to John.  They were sorry they had sinned, and they wanted to stop running away from God.  They wanted to be rescued.  So John baptised them – which means he plunged them in and out of the water to show that they wanted to be washed clean of their sins, follow God and begin a new life.

One day many years later when Jesus was a man, John would also baptize him and see God’s Holy Spirit come upon Jesus like a beautiful dove.