Lent Course

In Lent we find the seeds of new life and renewal, gifts from God. To this end, during Lent, we will be following Robert Warren and Sue Mayfield's course on life-balance. 

Twenty-first century living is hectic. Getting the right life-balance between rest, work, and play seems almost impossible. Over five sessions this course aims to help us explore: 

  1. How to build Sabbath time into the crazy pressures of everyday life.
  2. How "Sabbath attitudes" can transform the way we spend our time. 

The course begins on Thursday 13 March at 8pm at Christ Church, Esher, and continues for the following 4 weeks, on Thursdays, at the same time and location, as advertised on our calendar. We hope you may be able to join us, appreciating the commitment will involve a cost or sacrifice which will be different for each one of us, while at the same time being confident the gain will be immeasurable.