Lent prayer series

Following on from our popular Advent Prayer series we are delighted to launch our new prayer series for Lent. 

By way of introduction every Sunday during Lent we'll upload prayer ideas and a prayer starter and this will provide your theme for prayers for the week. There will also be additional posts on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, plus Shrove Tuesday (to set the scene) and of course Easter Sunday.

As with our Advent prayer series, you can do as much or as little as you are able, and you can pray any time, any place, anywhere. There is no wrong way to pray.

One thing you might like to consider is using a cross as an aid to your prayers this Lent – families might find this particularly useful as it provides a focal point which can be helpful with children. The cross can be used throughout as a place to “pin” your prayers and there will also be some activities to do with the cross too. Again, whether you choose to use one or not is entirely up to you – its fine if you do and equally fine if you don’t.

If you decide that you would like to incorporate a cross into your Lent prayers, now is a good time to get ready. If you already have a cross to use, put it somewhere in your home where it is visible and crucial to your daily routine, such as in the kitchen or the living room.

Alternatively, make a cross. An easy way is to make one is to take two medium sized dry branches or batons of wood (one approx. 1.5m and one approx. 1m) and bind them together securely at the centre with garden twine or string. You could also use strong cardboard. If you want to you can wrap more twine around each branch, tying it so it is secure – this enables you to post things under the twine, allowing you to fasten things onto the cross temporarily.

We really hope that you will enjoy our Lent prayer series and that through it you are able to deepen your relationship with God just a little bit more.