Lent prayer series - Maundy Thursday


Prayer visual for today: 


Drape a black cloth over part of your cross if you are using one. The black cross reminds us of the sadness of Jesus's betrayal today.


Prayer activities and ideas for this today:               


Choose one or two things from your Ash Wednesday list to pray about. If you find it helpful to do so, write your prayers down on small pieces of paper and attach them to your cross.  


You might also wish to think about: 


  • us, that any critical or judgemental attitude be surrendered to the cross, and that we might learn in action what it means to prefer one another

  • our Church, that any divisions - known or hidden - are covered and restored by Christ, and that people's different gifts, personalities and viewpoints would be embraced and utilised for God's glory

  • the other Churches in our area, for God's blessing and a heart-felt desire to understand each other and work together for Christ


Prayer starter: 


Lord Jesus, we would watch again and wait with you tonight, and share in the things that break your heart, as you continue to intercede to the Father for unity in your Church. Lord, start with us, and do not finish until your Church is one as you desire it to be, and until your people more fully make a way for people to see you, and themselves to love like you, rather than getting in the way with their divisions and differences.