Lent prayer series - week beginning Sunday 9 April (Palm Sunday)


Prayer visual for this week: 


2 branches e.g. Leylandii are placed at the foot of the cross. You could also attach a drawing/picture. The branches remind us of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem, when the gathered crowds waved palms and praised him.     


Prayer activities and ideas for this week:               


Choose one or two things from your Ash Wednesday list to pray about. If you find it helpful to do so, write your prayers down on small pieces of paper and attach them to your cross.  


In line with the theme of praise, you might also wish to think about: 


  • ourselves, to have courage and compassion to bear witness to who Jesus is to our friends, family and society, through acts of service, and through sharing our faith more widely

  • our Church, to be bold and loving in its stand for Christ in our community in all its various activities

  • the Church as a whole, in this country and around the world, to stand together and to have an increased passion for mission beyond their walls

  • our nation to recognise and return to Christ's authority and values 


Prayer starter: 


Lord Jesus, the crowds shouted their hosannas; we too praise you because you are our King. Help us to persuade others to also acknowledge you as King. Break the silence of your people and cause them to take to the streets again, proclaiming and demonstrating the joyful good news that you are King, and that you have made a way for us to know you, and love each other.