This new initiative from the Church of England sends you seven related bite-sized thoughts straight to your mobile or email. Why not journey through Lent with some soul[food], by picking each week one of the topics below (saving Easter to the end) - choose which ever order takes your fancy.  If you do try some soul[food] this Lent please email me a few sentences feedback,,  so I can pass it on to the Diocese who gave me the free pack.  Thank you. 
-  Explore: text FOOD F6 to 88802 or visit
-  Prayer: text FOOD F9 to 88802 or visit
-  Parenting: text FOOD F10 to 88802 or visit
-  Baptism: text FOOD FB1 to 88802 or visit
-  Easter: text FOOD FB2 to 88802 or visit