Suffering: If God exists, why doesn't he stop it?

Suffering: if God exists, why doesn't he stop it?  Most answers to this question are unsatisfactory. Morris's book is different: short but not superficial, strong in its science and philosophy, and realistic - as a carer of his handicapped grandson. Like Stephen Hawking and Einstein, Morris tries to explore the mind of God. Violence began with the Big Bang, long before legendary Adam's sin. Morris's God is typically non-interventionist but constantly interactive, operating creatively within his own physical laws, that allow freedom to particles and people, not always beneficial. Compared with other religions, Christ's cross and resurrection are evidence of a God who suffers alongside us, to create good, responsible persons. Here is a 100-minute read, of interest to believers and atheists alike. Its brave conclusion suggests we live in a loving God's best possible world, despite unavoidable suffering and natural disasters.

This new book by the Winchester author, Dr John Morris, includes endorsements from well known believers and agnostics. His royalties go to charity, like his Revised Edition, Contemporary Creed.     Pre-Christmas copies may be got via John's website .   In 2016, from bookshops and Amazon.