United Palm Sunday Service

We are going to try something new, and have one service across both of our churches. The service begins at St George's Church, West End at 9.30am. After a short liturgy, we will re-enact Jesus' entry into Jerusalem through processing up to Christ Church. The service will continue at Christ Church.

This is the only service on this day, there will be no 9am service at St George's or 8am and 10.30am service at Christ Church, rather one united celebration of Palm Sunday.

May I invite you all, young and old alike to try something new and offer a vibrant and powerful witness to our community who will likely think we are mad. If the procession is not possible for you please let us know. We hope to have some cars available to help ferry people between churches. Pray for good weather please.


St George's, West End (with procession to Christ Church)
Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 09:30
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