Introduction to Advent Prayer & Day 1

Advent Sunday has just passed but Advent gathers momentum once the chocolate calendars come out. Advent really is one of the most chaotic times of the year for many, when the focus in the western world, pretty much from October onwards, is on being ready for Christmas Day. Buying the (right) presents, cleaning and decorating the house, writing and posting cards, the supermarket mayhem and the travel to or arrival of family. Not forgetting the parties, and the inevitable germy nasties that also do their worst at this time of year. In the chaos, it’s easy to forget what Christmas is really all about, or rather, who it is about. Even when we do remember, its often difficult to find time to give God any more than a cursory thought.

Our Advent prayer programme is designed to try and help us all to make space amongst the mayhem every day, by stopping and thinking about and being with God. To make this a little easier, each day until Christmas Eve we will publish a prayer idea for the day, and a prayer starter. How and when you pray is up to you. As is how many of the ideas etc you take forward. You may find it easiest to pray at a set time, in a set place, or you may pray throughout the day. You may pray in the car, or when washing the dishes. There is no wrong way to pray!

Day 1

Prayer idea for today:

Today is the start of Advent "proper" - if you have a calendar or candle you can now open the first window / burn to the first line.

Where are you with God today? Write an email or letter to him, sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Prayer starter:

Dear God, this Christmas I hope...


(posted on behalf of Fiona Owen)