Jesse Tree - Day 8

Day 8 - Rahab & the spies

Bible Ref: Joshua 2, Ornament: Red cord

Joshua was the new leader of the Israelites, God’s people, but they were tired of wandering around the desert and were ready to build themselves new homes. The country that God had promised them was beautiful and very good, but there were people living there who did not believe in God. God wanted His people to live there instead.

One day, God said to Joshua, “Get everyone ready and I will give you this land”. “Be strong and very brave, I will be with you wherever you go”.

So Joshua chose two of his most courageous men and said to them, “Go and explore the land, sneak into the city of Jericho and find out how strong the enemy is”.

When they got inside the city, the two spies looked for a place to stay. They found their way to Rahab’s house. She was a bad woman, but she had heard about the Israelite people and their God, and decided to let the spies stay with her.

The King of Jericho found out that the spies were staying in Rahab’s house so he sent messengers to her saying, “Bring out the men who are staying in your house, they are spies!”

But Rahab was not afraid, she had hidden the two men, she said, “Yes, the men came here, but I didn’t know they were spies. When it was dark they left the city but I don’t know which way they went, go after them quickly!”

When the messengers had gone, Rahab went up onto the roof of her house.  It was a flat roof where she dried flax stalks ready to make into baskets and other useful things; she had hidden the two spies under the flax. She said, “I know that God is going to give you this land, everyone here is terrified of you. I know that your God is the God of heaven and earth. Please promise me that when you attack Jericho, you will save me and my family”, so the two spies agreed.

By now it was night time and the gates of the city were locked, but Rahab’s house was built on the walls of the city, so she brought a rope and tied it to the window and the spies climbed down and escaped.

“Hide in the mountains”, Rahab told them, “Hide there for three days until they stop searching for you”.

Before they left, the spies said, “Tie a piece of scarlet cord in your window so that we will recognise your house when we march against the city. Whoever is inside the house will be saved”.

They returned and told Joshua everything, and so, it happened that when the Israelites marched round the city and walls fell down, Rahab’s house didn’t fall down. Joshua said to the two spies, “Go and fetch Rahab and all of her family”. So the two young men brought them all out and kept them safe as they had promised.

Rahab had been a bad woman in the past, but she had helped God’s people and one day she married an Israelite, and followed God.  In fact, hundreds of years later, one of her descendants was Jesus.