Jesse Tree - Day 14

Day 14 - Elijah & the Prophets of Baal

Bible Ref: 1 Kings 18, Ornament: Bonfire

King Ahab was a bad king. He was so nasty that he even murdered someone so that he could have his vineyard! Ahab didn’t worship God; he worshipped a false god called Baal.

God was angry with Ahab and had stopped it raining in Israel, so there were no crops.  The people were hungry and thirsty.

Elijah, God’s prophet, told Ahab and all the prophets of Baal to climb to the top of Mount Carmel because God was going to send rain.

Ahab hated Elijah.  “Elijah you are the biggest trouble maker in Israel!” he said. But Elijah still told everyone to get together on top of the mountain.

He shouted out to all the people, “How long are you going to worship Baal? If God is true then follow Him, but if Baal is true then follow Baal.”

Then Elijah built an altar out of big stones and put wood on it. He told the prophets of Baal to put meat on it and call out to Baal to set fire to it and burn it.

The prophets prayed and prayed and prayed to Baal.  But nothing happened.  Nothing at all.  No fire came!  They shouted and shouted out to Baal, but still no fire came. Elijah said “Pray louder, maybe he is busy!” They did silly dances to try and attract Baal’s attention, but they had to give up, because Baal really wasn’t true.

Elijah rebuilt the altar with a ditch round it; he put on some meat and then poured water all over it. How could there be a fire now? Everyone knows that water puts fire out!

But, Elijah trusted God, he quietly prayed to God to show the people that He really was the Lord.

At that moment, fire from heaven swept down and burnt up the meat, the wood, the stones and the ground near the altar and the water in the ditch was totally dried up.

The prophets of Baal ran away frightened by the power of the true God of Israel. And the people were all amazed and shouted out, “The Lord really is God! We will follow Him”.

Soon, God sent the rain again because the people had recognised that He was the One true God.