Lent prayer series - week beginning Sunday 5th March (1st Sunday in Lent)


Prayer visual for this week: 


30 silver coins, loose or in bag, placed at the foot of the cross. This symbolises Jesus’ betrayal by Judas, for 30 pieces of silver. 


Prayer activities and ideas for this week:               


Choose one or two things from your Ash Wednesday list to pray about. If you find it helpful to do so, write your prayers down on small pieces of paper and attach them to your cross, if you are using one.  

In line with the theme of betrayal you might also wish to think about: 

         those who have been betrayed by friends 

         all who have been falsely accused by friends, family, the media or law courts 

         breakthrough for some of the world’s poorest communities, who have been betrayed by rich nations in climate, debt and trade   legislations time and time again. 

         ourselves, that we would value others, and their needs, highly, and guard our actions and our words to ensure that they protect, rather than tear down. 


Prayer starter: 

Lord Jesus, as we remember your betrayal by Judas we are reminded that we betray you too. Forgive us, we pray, and confirm in us the knowledge that you will never betray us.  

We thank you, Lord, that you understand what it is like to be isolated, condemned, and falsely accused, and we don’t know how we will ever understand enough that you bore all this willingly, for us. Teach us, like you, to be a defender of those who are marginalised, and a befriender, and comforter to all still waiting for their vindication.