Lent prayer series - week beginning Sunday 26 March (4th Sunday in Lent)


Prayer visual for this week: 


A whip, placed at the foot of the cross. These could be a real object or a drawing/picture. The whip reminds of how Jesus was persecuted.   


Prayer activities and ideas for this week:               


Choose one or two things from your Ash Wednesday list to pray about. If you find it helpful to do so, write your prayers down on small pieces of paper and attach them to your cross.  


In line with the theme of persecution, you might also wish to think about: 


  • the persecuted church, particularly in Nigeria, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iraq and China, and pray for them to be strengthened to stand for Christ, and to know his presence with them 

  • organisations and individuals seeking to bring peace and understanding between different faiths

  • ourselves, to be raised up to speak for those who are persecuted 


Prayer starter: 


Lord Jesus, you were flogged; many innocent people suffer injustice. We pray especially for those being persecuted, even killed, for their faith. Be with them, grant them your strength and peace at the last. Enlarge our view of your body so that we, as you, suffer each time another member suffers, and cause us to be watchful and active on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are denied a voice.