Lent prayer series - Good Friday


Prayer visual for today: 


If you draped your cross in black yesterday, remove it so the cross is completely bare. Place 3 nails at the foot of your cross. If you wish to you can hammer them in. The nails remind us of Jesus's crucifixion. 


Prayer activities and ideas for this today:               


Pray as you feel led today. 


Prayer starter: 


Lord Jesus, in our imagination we kneel at the foot of your cross. No words can express our feelings. As we look in wonder at your cross and the life you gave for us - we cannot grasp that we could be loved so much. Cause us to be a people who remember that this is how much we are loved, and that this same love was poured out for every person. And empower us to love, prize and treasure others as those you laid down your life for.