Lent prayer 2018 - Ash Wednesday (14 February)


Today's prayer activity: 

Think, or talk about, the people, situations and issues that you care about – think about your friends, family, neighbours, community, country, leaders and other nations. Consider individuals, groups or nations who are on your heart and mind because they are living in poverty, or facing grief or suffering, and especially think about those who don’t know about, or haven’t yet experienced, God’s love for them. 

Make a list, poster or pin-board of all these people, adding pictures or photos if you wish. Decide where you will put your list/poster/pin-board so you can come back to it throughout Lent, choosing one or two things to pray about each day or week, as you decide works best for you.  

Choose one or two things to pray about today. 

Prayer themes for this week:

You may also like to pray around the following themes this week:

  • All those who have received a tarnished or crooked message about Christ, instead of the truth of His love.
  • Ourselves, that we might grasp the depth of God’s love for us and others.
  • Ourselves, that we might be challenged this Lent to follow Christ - leaving our places of safety or plenty to go and love those who are fearful or in need.

Prayer starter: 

Lord Jesus, as we remember that you left Heaven’s glory to find us, and bring us back to God, we pray that you would prepare our hearts once more to welcome you as King, and use us to help make straight your path for others too.