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Jesse Tree - Day 3


Day 3 - Noah and A New Beginning

Bible Ref: Genesis 6, Ornament: Rainbow

Time passed and many people filled the Earth.  Everyone everywhere had forgotten about God and were only doing bad things all the time.

God’s heart was filled with pain when he saw what had happened to the world he loved.  Everywhere was disease and death and destruction – all the things God hates most.

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Advent prayer - Friday 2nd December


Prayer idea for today:

Pray the Jesus prayer over and over again:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Pray it silently, pray it out loud, pray it until it becomes as natural as breathing.


Prayer starter:

Lord, I am so grateful...

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Jesse Tree - Day 2


Day 2 - The Terrible Lie

Bible Ref: Genesis 2 & 3, Ornament: Apple

Adam and Eve lived happily together in their beautiful new home.  And everything was perfect – for a while. 

Until the day when everything went wrong.

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Introduction to Advent Prayer & Day 1


Advent Sunday has just passed but Advent gathers momentum once the chocolate calendars come out. Advent really is one of the most chaotic times of the year for many, when the focus in the western world, pretty much from October onwards, is on being ready for Christmas Day. Buying the (right) presents, cleaning and decorating the house, writing and posting cards, the supermarket mayhem and the travel to or arrival of family. Not forgetting the parties, and the inevitable germy nasties that also do their worst at this time of year.

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Jesse Tree - Day 1


Day 1 – God’s First Day

Bible Ref: Genesis 1, Ornament: Planet Earth

In the beginning there was nothing. 

Nothing to hear. Nothing to feel. Nothing to see.  Only emptiness, darkness....and nothing.

But God was there. And God had a wonderful plan.

“I’ll take this emptiness,” God said, “and I’ll fill it up! Out of the darkness I’m going to make light! And out of nothing, I’m going to make EVERYTHING!”

God spoke.  That’s all. And whatever he said, it happened.

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Jesse Tree


Dear Reader

This autumn 24 ladies from across our Parish and ECS have come together to create something very special for our families to take part in this Advent.  

We have created 24 beautiful, lovingly handmade ornaments to represent a story from creation through to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Each day throughout Advent we have a bible story to read with our families, and an ornament to hang on our tree.  Our Jesse Trees.

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Christmas Services Sticky


Please do come and join us at Christ Church or St George's to celebrate this special time of year. 

Tuesday 13 December  
Toddlers’ Praise Christmas Party, 10.30am, Christ Church, Esher

Sunday 18 December  
Festival of Lessons & Carols, 6.00pm, Christ Church, Esher

Wednesday 21 December 
Come & Sing Carols, 12.30pm, Christ Church, Esher 

Christmas Eve
Crib Service, 3.00pm, St George’s, West End
Crib Service, 4.00pm, Christ Church, Esher
Midnight Mass, 11.30pm, Christ Church, Esher

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Come & Sing Carols


Enter into the true spirit of Christmas and join us to sing your favourite carols to our musical accompaniment. The singing will be interspersed with both humorous and reflective readings to add to this truly community event. Mince pies and mulled wine will be served.

Doors from 12.30pm, carols from 1.10pm. Free entry, retiring collection

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Christingle Service


Our Parish Christingle Service in partnership with Esher Church School will take place at Christ Church on Sunday 4 December at 10.30am.  A guest speaker from the Children’s Society will speak at all our services on this day. Please do join us.


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Harvest Service


Following the success of last year, we will be holding our Harvest Service at Esher Church School at 10.30am on Sunday 2 October. Do bring your own lunch, as we celebrate Harvest with a picnic in the grounds afterwards with outdoor games. It promises to be a special time together.  

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